About Oud Duet

• Ghassan Al-yousif and Dina Abdelhamid are the first duet to introduce an oud duet performance in the Arab world.

• The Oud Duet participated in many specialized international festivals, including the Oud Festival in Tetouan (Morocco), Istanbul Music Conservatory (Turkey) and the International Oud Festival that was held under the auspices of the Egyptian Opera House. The duet held many successful concerts in various cultural places in Egypt. The Oud Duet performance was acclaimed by critics and musical fans alike and it showcases a large collection of distinguished work on the oud instrument.

• The Oud Duet, accompanied by their band of 20 musicians, participated in many artistic concerts in different cultural centers.

• The Oud Duet members are instructors at the Egyptian Opera House since 2016 to the present day, in both Cairo and Damanhour branches and they have many students who love the Oud instrument

Their Oud Class:

• The Oud Duet has established an Oud class at the Arab Music Institute, the Talent Development Center of the Egyptian Opera House, since 2016 till now.

Oud Duet Festivals:

• The duet participated in the Arab Music Festival in 2016.

• It performed in Kuwait Festival of 2016, same year when Kuwait was selected as the Capital of Islamic culture.

• It also participated in the Oud Festival in Tetouan, Morocco, 2010.

• The duet performed in Turkey upon invitation from Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory, in 2010.

• It also participated in Jabal Amman’s Oud Day in Jordan.

• It was hosted by various television programs.


Dina Abd El-Hamid

• Composer and oudist. I started my studies at the Faculty of Music Education in 1990 delving into various music departments, including Eastern Music, Western Music, and Music Analysis.

• From 1999 to 2001, I joined the Arabic Oud House in Egypt from which I was graduated with grade “Very Good”, under supervision of the well-known Oudist Nosseir Shamma.

• I worked at the Arabic Oud House as an instructor. And in parallel with my oud career and passion, I resumed my studies and obtained various prominent certifications…

Ghassan Al- Yousif

• Composer and oudist. I received my first oud lessons at the age of nine. In 2001, I graduated from the Arabic Oud House in Egypt, worked in it as a teacher from 2001 to 2003, then joined the Egyptian Opera House in 2002. I worked later as a teacher in Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

• Wrote my own musical compositions that were created specifically for the oud instrument, with a repertoire of albums: “layali al-sham”, “beit fi hara” and “zaffet el-aroussa” to name a few.

• Composed many soundtracks for successful series and television programs. I participated in many specialized local and international fairs, including the “Festival of the Arab World Institute” in Paris, the “International Competition” in Beirut, “Tatouan Festival” and “Asilah Festival” in Morocco and the Orient – Occident Festival” in Switzerland.